New Custom Pool Construction

The Most Trusted Name in Pool Building.

• As an industry leader, Water Designs of Sarasota Inc. offers custom pool and spa designs.  We have earned our reputation as Sarasota’s quality pool builder by our customer’s satisfaction.  Building a custom pool is not about the concrete and steel – it is about the people who will swim in it.  Our design team will guide you in making selections and visualizing how your pool will be an extension of your home and lifestyle.

• Equipped with the state-of-the-art “Pool Studio” computer program, your dream pool will come to life.  Producing a 3 dimensional experience of your custom back yard environment.  Each new pool construction job comes with its very own Project Supervisor that will keep your swimming pool on schedule.  Our Construction Supervisor will oversee the day-to-day progress, giving you peace of mind from excavation to pool school.  During pool school we will explain how to care for your new investment, keeping it in great shape for years to come.

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• Water Designs is a “cut no corners” builder – our construction techniques and materials are some of the best available in the industry.  Design, functionality and originality are our specialty.  Our commitment to quality is evident in the craftsmanship of our work.

Pool Construction Process

Step 1: Planning & Designing

Step 2: Preparation & Excavation of Site

Step 3: Piping for the main drain, skimmer and return lines are laid out and pressure tested.

Step 4: Steel re-bar in a grid pattern are added to the excavation site.

Step 5: A dry concrete mixture called gunite is pneumatically applied to the prepared shell.  Crews will hand shape the surface.

Step 6: Tile, coping and interior finish are applied with care.

Step 7: Enjoy your "Staycation".